OJ Simpson mug shotOJ and Osama bin Laden

It’s gone from the single photo of OJ above to the next joint photo above to prepare Americans to enter a war in Afghanistan and Iraq, 14 years ago.  Now its come to being this madness below involving Cuba Gooding, Jr. playing a buffoonish role of Simpson in American Crime Story.

   cuba gooding running in his underwearJim Crow 2

The true O.J. Simpson case contains the most insidious level of police corruption possibly in the history of this country, repeatedly involving the suppression of crucial evidence concealed under the color of authority.   Instead of using his stature to demand that the whole truth be revealed involving the Simpson cover up, we have Gooding, once again, willing to be a flunky,  resembling the contemporary Jim Crow caricature, distorting the truth of this infamous sordid case even more so by running around a Bronco in his underwear wielding a .357 magnum.  Cuba always appears ready to receive that call to play any type of simpleton that producers invent, which he does again in this creepy worthless and erroneous narrative.  It is allegedly based on Jeffrey Toobin’s book which is another farce and piece of fiction masquerading as truth.  However, when an actor like Gooding has the chance to say no to buffoonery regarding a serious matter, they should not refuse to do so.  When failing to speak out, there is no need to later wonder about the metamorphosis of black men sending a subliminal message to others allowing them to become reduced to clownish caricatures, and treated inhuman, by those acting under the color of authority; where their lives become expendable, time and time again.  This is what the lies promulgated in the Simpson case has contributed, and now Cuba Gooding’s tomfoolery in this production simply exacerbates that same problem.  It’s bad enough that the producers have allegedly raised several million dollars to make this cable series regarding the Simpson case.  In the meantime, the real truth carriers, i.e. T.H. Johnson, Stephen Singular, the late Joe Bosco, and Dr. H.S. Johnson struggle to have their investigative truths revealed.    Yet, to the extent that it has the potential of harming people, young black men in particular, Gooding and other black actors should pause to ask demanding questions regarding the veracity of so called historical productions as this, and at least not participate in allowing it to become a series of complete buffoonery.


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