THE THIRD EYE IS WATCHING in the case of Sophia Stewart and OJ Simpson

So now we have a writer, who calls their self Sergio, a blogger on the on-line site Shadow and Act (who claims to identify as being black in using the first person plural “we blacks”) and alleges to have a fascination with the 15 year legal battle of a black woman named Sophia Stewart.  She has publicly claimed for many years of having her intellectual property rights of ownership stolen and exploited by Warner Brothers and the Wachowski brothers without any compensation for the motion picture “The Matrix”.

sophia-stewart Whomever Sergio is, and I don’t use those words loosely because these days you have a lot of people on the internet claiming to be someone they are not; who are simply agent provocateurs using a surreptitious persona to gently manipulate the minds of their targeted audience by assuming the viewers will identify with them ethnically, racially, religiously or whatever.   These agents gain points in this battle of psychological warfare on the web by getting the audience to say “Oh, that’s Sergio, or so and so”, with a sense of familiarity.   They then begin to think “he does make a valid point, after all he’s like me and I can relate to what he is saying because people are noted for falsely claiming such things as Stewart”.   “A major corporation like Warner Brothers would have no reason to lie or steal her intellectual property “.

This battle against agent provocateurs goes on all of the time in various arenas, and has been going on against Stewart for many years.  Early photos of her during her tenuous fight indicate a physically attractive single mother, at a word processor resembling, in my opinion, Halle Berry; however, that’s another area of fascination beyond the main point.

sophia stewart halle berry image 2   Halle-Berry as princess early years  Sophia Stewart, on the left, during her younger years, Halle Berry on the right during hers in a Ohio beauty contest; there is a remarkable resemblance.  

Stewart’s struggle, according to an FBI investigative report regarding this matter of intellectual property thievery pre-dates “The Matrix” and according to their analysts her “Third Eye” was the organic basis for another popular movie prior to the Matrix.  The people connected to that movie, whose title I will not divulge at this time, since it only clouds the allegations related subsequently to the Wachowskis and Warner Brothers alleged thievery, are said to have told Stewart that the “Third Eye” showed promise for a novice but was only of minimal merit for a motion picture production.  This Stewart alleges was told to her by people in the industry back in 1981 while studying at the University of Southern California film school and interning at one of the major studios.   Thus, it is Sophia Stewart’s struggle in the midst of all of the legal court documents over the last 16 years that there lies a compelling story.   I do think, however, that Halle Berry would be my choice because of her intelligence, strength, and beauty to play the role of this magnificent warrior woman, Sophia Stewart, in a screenplay of this David versus Goliath epic that has been continuously ongoing over the last 16 years.  Who will ultimately win, who knows?  However, from our vantage point it is severely eroding the credibility of the mighty fortress upon which Warner Brothers sits, and the self sustaining attack simply undermines their brand.  The Wachowskis simply appear to be hiding behind the coat tail of Warners in the hope that they will be victorious and that it all will go away.  Rather than allow the brand to be destroyed why not actually enter meaningful settlement discussions with Stewart.  I’m certain with all of the billions generated off of the Matrix franchise, a happy median must lie somewhere beyond a bunch of zeros and commas.  Why destroy your brand?  It does not make sense, to many of us fence watchers, but only makes it more compelling to watch because it also has criminal and civil RICO tentacles attached to it.

halleberry at top shop award

However, back to Sergio who feigns a sense of amazement that the story Sophia Stewart claims of being the true owner of the rights to the movie franchise “The Matrix”, after years of legal pursuit continues to fester and won’t go away.  Now that becomes the opening tell tale signs of the counter-intelligence agent, a provocateur, who could be anyone and does not have to be black as Sergio alleges.   Their ambivalence to and lack of a thorough analysis of the background of this matter of Stewart vs. Warner Bros. and all, makes them appear as a flunky, sent on a mission of intentionally targeting and tarnishing Stewart’s credibility.   Given what many of us have seen in the Stewart matter, the corporate giants seem to apparently enjoy engaging in this type of manipulation of peoples’ lives through chicanery with a sense of impunity.   There simply are too many similarities in the derivative material “The Matrix” to be solely co-incidental to the “organic” document ” allegedly behind this franchise, “The Third Eye” for these irregularities to be taken lightly.  So when you don’t want to pay up, your mission then becomes one to destroy your adversaries credibility by any means, including the invention of the Sergios.

third eye image 2

You will find that there have been some admissions on the part of one of Stewart’s own attorneys alleging that they were put up to torpedoing her case against the bigwigs.   This is where Sergio gets the idea, I assume, of Stewart failing to appear in court on her behalf. However, after some shrewd thinking of where jurisdiction and venue actually lied, she has pursued her continuing battle on her own, pro se or pro per, outside of the state of California and its notorious court of unfairness, the US District Court for the Central District of California, in L.A.   If Sergio does more in depth due diligence they will also find that it was Stewart’s adversaries that failed to show up in the US District Court in Salt Lake City, to answer claims or prove their was no malfeasance on their part to undermine Stewart’s right to the disputed intellectual property.   So Sergio’s claims of Stewart not showing up carries no more valid weight than it does for the other side, in my opinion.  In fact, their delinquency to appear before the Library of Congress to press their right of ownership by showing evidence of copyright registration of the Matrix or before the US Patent and Trademark Office to claim their right over Stewart’s to the ownership of all trademark rights to all things “Matrix” may carry more negative weight against her adversaries since it is Stewart who possesses all official documents of copyright and trade mark ownership relative to the word “Matrix”, although it appears that Warner Brothers may have finally been able upon reconsideration to receive a “Matrix” trademark for a computer game or something of that nature.   Neither of the other parties, Warner or the Wachowski, attorneys have shown up in court to assert such documents to indicate a rightful claim of ownership.   I simply don’t know how Sergio would address such strange irregularities on the part of these bigwigs.  At some point, it would seem that you would have to show up in these statutory venues to dispute such documented claims, and claim that Stewart was engaged in counterfeiting of the ownership documents that Stewart has received from these two government agencies.   Beyond the courts what does matter is the documentation indicating ownership, copyrights and trademarks, yet neither of these two entities Warner Brothers or the Wachowskis appear on the record to have shown up with prima facie evidence to dispute the ownership claims that these documents indicate that Sophia Stewart has as indicated below.

Thank you for your request. Here are the latest results from the TARR web server.

This page was generated by the TARR system on 2012-06-13 19:06:26 ET

Serial Number: 78134110 Assignment Information           Trademark Document Retrieval

Registration Number: (NOT AVAILABLE)

Mark (words only): THE MATRIX RELOADED

Standard Character claim: No

Current Status: Abandoned because the applicant failed to respond or filed a late response to an Office action. To view all documents in this file, click on the Trademark Document Retrieval link at the top of this page.

Date of Status: 2004-06-25

Filing Date: 2002-06-07

Transformed into a National Application: No

Registration Date: (DATE NOT AVAILABLE)

Register: Principal

Law Office Assigned: LAW OFFICE 116

If you are the applicant or applicant’s attorney and have questions about this file, please contact the Trademark Assistance Center at Trademark Assistance

Current Location: 900 -File Repository (Franconia)

Date In Location: 2004-06-30



United States
Legal Entity Type: Corporation
State or Country of Incorporation

In this battle between the corporate giants, the Wachowskis, Warner Brothers and Stewart, Sergio could end the debate by doing his due diligence and contacting the Library of Congress and the US Patent and Trade Office to determine who owns the copyrights and trademarks for this valuable franchise, “Matrix”, respectively which has been at the center of this undying fight for years.  The reason why I believe Sergio is a nebulous nomme de plum, an alias, is because he bias-ly in an understated manner supports one side over the other.  Without challenging anything regarding Warner Bros, Serge, appears to just blindly accept that Warner bros is veritable and Stewart is not.   Sergio’s interpretation of a court’s ruling is feeble minded and myopic since there may be other circumstances that involve a court arriving at a ruling.  What if the evidence that Stewart has does indicate collusion on the part of attorneys to torpedo her case. It would not be the first in history for such to occur, the preeminent jurist, John Henry Wigmore, in his treatise on evidence spoke of such conduct in his writings at the turn of the 20th century. Wigmore spoke of lawyers deciding to divide up the spoils set aside by major insurance companies of England during the whaling days of the 19th century by redefining what constituted death, beyond the official ruling of the King’s coroner.  This is something we have found by doing background work on the first OJ Simpson trial, and the reluctance to accept anything beyond the official statements of court officers, which does not match up with certain evidence that they chose to conceal from the public by using the color of their authority.  This is explicitly revealed in three productions by the investigative journalist/author and documentary producer, T.H. Johnson, one of several investigators of the Simpson case.

photo book cover PURSUIT OF EXHIBIT 35   Serpents Rising BookCoverImage People vs OJ Simpson better book cover

The key words here are “due diligence” and as alleged unbiased third party referees, we journalists must do ours.   Unfortunately, here is another case where a journalist has failed to do any and has simply been satisfied with what old school folks called “that’ll do”. Needless to say, that is not an acceptable standard here, until Sergio forces someone to come forward with the copyright ownership and trademark rights, then this long diatribe is nothing more than a non-story because it is simply too one sided to offer any educative benefit..


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