The Importance of Hulk Hogan’s use of the N-word.

Here again, the use of the N-word exposes what many blacks consider to be the true internal feelings that whites in the United States have for others who are black, even though they have done nothing harmful to them, nor acted with disrepute towards them; but simply on the basis of some deep seeded ignorant taboo that many whites, particularly white men, have adopted over the centuries regarding people of color, and particularly African Americans interacting intimately with their family members. hulk-hogan    The revelations of the wrestler Hulk Hogan’s heretofore, unknown, natural repugnance regarding blacks simply drags the integrity of other whites into suspicion whose true intent may be to act with integrity towards blacks.  Why is the Hulk’s revelations so important?  Because Hulk Hogan is a legend in pop culture which is the only thing that appears to matter these days and is where the general population of our nation predominantly ascertain its alleged knowledge of facts to draw conclusions, no matter how lopsided or warped those conclusions may be.   Hogan is not the first, and undoubtedly won’t be the last to reinforce a mindset of distrust for whites because of the revealed utterances of these pop culture icons.  The same thing occurred not long ago with another TV icon, and pop culture favorite, the bounty hunter, Dwayne “The Dog” Chapman.


The Dog, it appears, was irate because his son was in an intimate relationship allegedly with an African American woman, and his son taped his racially charged rant using the N-word.   Then came in the aftermath what to me appears always to be some type of disingenuous apology to save the economic ship from sinking.

No matter what you think of the entertainment genre itself, Hulk Hogan was a prime factor in building the popularity of the brand, of the professional wrestling organization WWF, World Wrestling Federation, which was ultimately changed to WWE due to an infringement on the usage of the letters of the trademark WWF owned by the World Wildlife Federation that apparently claimed use of the abbreviation long before Vince McMahon, Jr’s family used it for their wrestling enterprise.


The Hulkster even attempts to mitigate the gravity of his offense towards an unknown person, who is an alleged son of a black billionaire, due to his intimate relationship with Hogan’s daughter, by bringing up what one of his old nemesis in the ring, Booker T, had to say in one of the publicity seeking hype sessions they do on air during a weekly WWE televised event.   It could have major economic gravity for the Hulkster because many blacks unknown to Hogan were among his fan base that displayed the same blind loyalty to his image as whites and others.  However, his feeble attempt to invoke Booker T’s conduct, I doubt does him little good, as he feebly asserts below.

“Well, Booker T used to do that to me, and every time I pull up YouTube there’s that famous thing with Booker T and his brother is there and they’re all talking trash, and Booker T says, ‘I’m coming for ya Hogan, you ni-er’ — and not ‘ni-a,’ he goes ‘ni-r,’”

Thus, Hogan, or other whites rushing to Hogan’s defense are missing the point by dragging out the use of the word by the other former WWE wrestler Booker T.  who by the way, himself, apologized for using the word.

Booket T and Hulk-Hogan

However, it is another reason that blacks of Booker-Ts generation should not have found favor in the use of such an historically injurious word in an attempt to make it publicly acceptable.  There still is a feeble attempt generally by Hip Hop artists to argue to make it popular and allegedly inoffensive in its use by blacks , whites, and others.  Its usage in history by whites has quite often been in situations where whites clearly had the physical upper hand and were abusing power to deny federally protected guarantees under the color of authority as officers of the court to assert what they considered a “state’s right” to protect segregation, in public as well as private accommodations.   It was their futile attempt at the time to reaffirm white supremacy, by the use of the billy club, fire hose, guns and police dogs.  Many blacks died at the hands of such people who freely used that extremely vile word, “Nigger”.

black man being bit by police dog

It is not the word itself, which simply on its own can have a benign or violent use by blacks using the word,


or whites of the same generation benignly and publicly proclaiming to one another “What’s up, my nigga?”


However, it has a more insidious meaning to a cowardly and pathetic looking white boy with a gun that systematically chooses to walk into a Charleston, South Carolina Christian church during its Wednesday night bible study and gun down a pastor and unarmed mothers and grandmothers who welcomed him with open arms.   He too, felt comfortable referring to blacks by the use of the N-word with his warped sense of reason.

dylan roof

Even Hulk Hogan’s use of the word, was not meant in the benign manner of what Booker T is describing.   It was used to exemplify Hogans vile feelings of rage about blacks in general interacting with one of his family members, and brought out particularly by one intimately interacting with his daughter.   His general feeling, one could conclude is that all blacks were virtually despicable and unworthy of any close interaction with his family, unless it was an “8 foot N-word who played basketball and was worth $100 million dollars“, that is one of the “good people”  for which Hogan speaks that we can only assume he can potentially accept.

police-oficer shooting unarmed victim in SC

In light of the inexplicable events concurring on a regular basis directed towards blacks, being severely beaten, arrested, or killed for no apparently good reason, this latest racially charged rant by Hogan once again simply casts suspicion on the genuine friendship of white folk in general in regard to blacks, as to whether there is something sinister that they all are truly masking.   The apologies are becoming old, whether by foolish national politicians making vile references to blacks or the pop culture icons like Hulk Hogan.  Their apologies for being caught using that vile word they expect we blacks should accept as being sincere.   However, to many of us, it’s just another example of the hypocrisy of a neurotic nation that cannot come to grips with its innate feelings about people of color due to its own sense of white supremacy, a concept that continues to place the nation further and further behind in modern global competitive accomplishment.

Unfortunately, when you are trying to compete against a nation, China, with 5 times this nation’s population, we need all hands on well educated and well prepared on deck, whether white, black, brown, red or yellow who is an American.  However, this perennial covert sense of racism hampers whites from seeing the need to develop the nation’s total potential because by doing so, it would potentially supplant white supremacy.  The latter inherent belief in white supremacy has been for much of the 20th century and now the 21st century a useless principle that sets myopic promoters of the concept in positions of power back even further, and may ultimately become the catalyst to not only displace our nation from the forefront of global economic and scientific strength, but totally doom the nation to failure.


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